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Rhonda Sherwin, AFC®, CFP®

Seven years ago, I received news that would change my life. I was a senior executive at an international investment firm and was told that my job was over; you have been terminated. I packed my bags and went home.

At first, pure anger. Then, I got practical. How will I support my family and explain this to my friends, business colleagues, and others in my universe?

I was desperate to find something else to do after a long career as a financial professional. Next step: Go on a job hunt in the industry that I had known for more than 20 years… and then… came up empty.

I decided to answer an ad on LinkedIn for a veterans’ financial coach. Didn’t know anything about financial coaching, although I was a volunteer for several years for an organization that teaches financial literacy to NYC public high school students.

As I was a retirement expert, I often helped friends and family with their questions. I knew nothing about veterans, and although my father-in-law was a WWII vet, we never talked for more than a few minutes about his experiences.

I was interviewed for the veterans financial coaching job, and within a few weeks, I accepted the position, thinking that it would be a short-term idea and then I’ll find a “real job” in my previous world.

Little did I know that, at the time, my life had changed for good.

Fast forward seven years, and I am currently a financial coach with two certifications, an AFC (accredited financial counselor), and a CDFA (certified divorce financial analyst).

I have been inspired by others in this field who have helped me learn how to communicate complex ideas to their basics for those who never learned about financial stuff.

I never went back to my earlier life I have continued the journey, helping people change their lives by creating better financial habits toward financial stability.

In the divorce space, I help those going through the emotional roller coaster by being prepared to make informed decisions while going through a divorce.

I am proud to serve as an example of how one can turn their life around when given another chance, and I’m grateful for the opportunity to help others through SHOR Financial Wellness along with my business partner, Carol O’Rourke.

Sharing Her Expertise Through Charity

While building her professional career, she volunteered for organizations that offered free personal finance education to NYC public school students.

She also joined organizations that taught English as a second language to adults in community centers and provided financial education to clients of social service organizations.

Paying It Forward by Supporting Veterans

Rhonda took a new turn in her life and became a full-time veteran’s financial coach, representing NYC through a federal program funded by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

Now, Rhonda is a financial coach for two veterans homeless prevention programs based in NYC.

Rhonda is currently a financial coach for two veterans homeless prevention programs based in NYC. She also provides financial coaching for student veterans at 8 college campuses within the CUNY system.

Personal Life and Commitment

Rhonda is dedicated to passing on her knowledge gained from academics, work, and life experiences so all of her clients can confidently make informed financial decisions. 

In her free time, she is an avid pro sports enthusiast, an original member of the NYC chapter of the National Ovarian Cancer Coalition, and a loyal patron of the NYC theater.

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Carol O’Rourke, CFP®, CDFA®

I’m passionate about financial education. Maybe that’s because my career path began as a teacher in Providence, RI. I was part of an early group of women hired and trained by Merrill Lynch, where I became an Investment Information Specialist and then moved to Smith Barney where I often focused on financial planning and client education programs. Most recently I served for nearly 10 years as Executive Director
for a financial literacy nonprofit.
I taught classes for novice investors at The New School and continue to teach classes for the NYPL and elsewhere in NYC on topics a wide range of topics like managing credit and retirement planning. I volunteer as a pro bono financial literacy teacher and financial coach in NYC.
I graduated from Emmanuel College in Boston, and have an MA from Boston College and an MBA from the NYU Stern School of Business. I’m a Certified Financial Planner® Professional and a Certified Divorce Financial Advisor®.
I’m a member of the Financial Planning Association Metro NY division and for 20 years served on the Board of Encore Community Services, a nonprofit that feeds and houses the elderly in Times Square.
Check my LinkedIn page for news stories of interest on consumer financial issues.

Sharing Her Passion for Financial Education

Before working at a nonprofit for 10 years, Carol was an investment information specialist at Merrill Lynch. There, she won a Silver Anvil award for a campaign introducing women to investing through a nationwide seminar program.

As Sr. VP at Smith Barney, she focused on programs to help individual investors understand and stay informed on investing choices. Carol taught classes for novice investors at The New School.

She also wrote financial information columns for women’s newspapers and the NYCHA Journal.

Personal and Educational Background

Carol grew up in Providence, RI, where she taught at Classical High School before moving to New York. A graduate of Emmanuel College in Boston, she holds an MA from Boston College and an MBA from NYU Stern School of Business.

She volunteers in the RSVP program at Community Service Society and teaches classes on a pro bono basis at Career Gear and at Non-traditional Employment for Women.

She’s also a member of the Financial Planning Association and SHRM and serves on the Board of Encore Community Services. It’s a nonprofit in Times Square that feeds and houses the elderly.

Giving Tailored and Effective Solutions

We offer one-to-one coaching to address a person’s specific money concerns. Our goal is to help you reduce stress and increase your sense of financial security.

As technology and financial matters are part of our everyday lives, we employ a personalized approach to achieve positive outcomes. The human perspective adds nuance to the tools provided by technology.

We help translate complex financial choices for clients making important decisions while raising a family, establishing their careers, and planning for a financially secure future.


Corporate Advisory

We recognize that employee benefits result in a more financially healthy workforce. It also improves productivity and stability. As such, we offer financial coaching and financial literacy workshops to employers and nonprofits.

We bring extensive knowledge and experience to our coaching sessions and classes. Just like an athletic coach, we guide our clients as they achieve their goals through their own effort.

Since our company is not affiliated with any financial services firm, we don’t make specific recommendations or sell any financial products.

Our Vision

SHOR Financial Wellness was created to help people become more confident about their personal finances. Our team brings broad knowledge and extensive experience to our coaching and classes.

We address the financial impact of life-stage issues like planning a family, buying a home, paying (and re-paying) for education, and planning for retirement.

We provide guidance on common concerns that cause stress, like credit card debt, student loans, or living within your means.

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