The Role of a Financial Coach

Financial coaches are advisors who guide clients with money-related matters. Like athletic coaches, these professionals help people achieve their financial goals through effort. A financial coach’s services cover a variety of areas, including:

  • Understanding your current financial situation
  • Helping you set goals
  • Prioritizing steps to achieve your objectives quickly
  • Providing resources and guidance
  • Reviewing and reporting progress

Personalized and Financial Coaching Solutions

Personal coaching is at the core of the SHOR Financial Wellness® program. As financial coaches, we don’t just work with money. We work with people. This is why our services focus on individualized attention, guidance, and analysis.

Whether you want to become an investor, improve your credit, create a basic budget, or better understand a retirement savings plan, we’ll get you back on track to a more secure financial future through a coaching session or workshop.

How We Help Our Clients

Getting a clear idea of each client’s financial issues, needs, and objectives is essential. This helps us identify the root causes of their issues and determine what we should focus on.

Our coaches educate clients and help them establish short-, mid-, and long-term goals within reasonable timelines. We’ll also assist them with developing plans to help them change their money habits and achieve their objectives.

Additionally, we’ll maintain accountability by checking in on our clients. Our coaches carefully review their progress and celebrate their accomplishments.

This helps us ensure they’re on the right path and boosts their confidence until they achieve their goals.

Let’s Talk

For details about our financial coaching services, please contact us. We’ll be more than happy to answer your questions.