Financial Coaching Services That Make for Success

SHOR Financial Wellness is all about giving clarity on basic personal finance matters and helping clients make informed decisions for their finances. We provide confidential, one-to-one sessions, group workshops, and employer-sponsored programs.
In addition, our team offers financial literacy and coaching to clients of nonprofit organizations and runs an online platform to make our services more accessible.

Typical Topics We Discuss:

Basic Personal Finance

• Budgeting: how to make ends meet
• Saving strategies
• Why we spend
• Making the most of technology

Loans and Debts

• Managing credit
• Re-building your credit
• Reducing debt
• Dealing with debt collectors
• Student loans: borrowing and repayment

Investments and Retirement

• Investing basics
• Planning for your retirement

Personalized and Efficient Solutions

It’s important for us to have a clear idea of our client’s financial situation and unique goals and needs. From there, we identify the root causes of their issue and determine which areas to focus on.
Our coaches educate and guide clients in establishing short-, mid-, and long-term goals within reasonable timelines. We then design plans with prioritized steps to maximize efficiency and provide support and accountability throughout the process.
Lastly, our coaches carefully review and measure our client’s progress as well as celebrate their accomplishments. This way, we can ensure that they’re going on the right path and boost their confidence until they reach their goals.


Start Your Financial Journey With Us

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